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Posted: August 8 2022

The Impact of Your Money – The University of East Anglia

The Impact of Your Money – The University of East Anglia

Thanks to your generosity we have begun a new partnership with the University of East Anglia to help men get the right treatment at the right time and save lives. The University shares with us how they will be using the money.

The new Prostate Cancer Tests being developed at UEA could be revolutionary. Our breakthroughs are remarkable, yielding two tests that could dramatically improve outcomes for millions of men globally.

The Tiger Test is a brand-new way to analyse prostate biopsy samples.  It can accurately predict the most life-threatening, aggressive prostate cancers – nicknamed ‘tiger’ cancers.  With it doctors will be able to recommend the best treatment for prostate cancer.

The Prostate Urine Risk (PUR) Test uses urine samples to detect aggressive prostate cancers early so they can receive immediate treatment. The test is non-invasive and can be done at home and can screen for cancers not detected using PSA.  The PUR Test will reduce the number of men that need biopsies and give certainty to those on active surveillance. 

Both tests, with funding could be available between 2-3 years.

“Right now, we simply aren’t treating men well enough.  The current diagnostic tests result in unnecessary treatments carrying serious consequences with life-long side effects, whereas life-threatening, aggressive prostate cancers go undetected.

Our tests, The Tiger Test and PUR Test, could help the majority of men with non-harmful prostate cancer avoid invasive treatments.  The goal being that only men with life-threatening cancer would receive the radical but right treatments.” Professor Colin Cooper.

Professor Cooper and his team have made a revolutionary discovery using advanced mathematics and artificial intelligence, and The Bob Willis Fund join us at a critical time as we are on the cusp of making these tests a reality.

We are incredibly grateful for their generous support and look forward to the day we celebrate the launch of these tests with our friends and supporters.

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