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Donate to BWF in your Will

Donate to BWF in your Will

The Bob Willis Fund’s main aim is to fight the devastating impact of prostate cancer through groundbreaking research, awareness and support for those affected.  By including a gift in your will you can help us honour the legacy of Bob Willis and remember your own friends and family who have suffered from this horrible disease.

Consult your solicitor to ensure that your will reflects your wishes accurately. You can specify an amount, a percentage of your estate, or a particular asset to be donated.

  1. Make a Lasting Impact: Your gift will directly contribute to innovative research in the fight against prostate cancer.  We have so far made significant donations to Prostate Cancer UK, The Institute of Cancer Research, The University of East Anglia and University College Hospital London.
  1. Honour Bob’s Memory: England cricket legend Bob Willis gave all for his country and created many memories for fans around the world.  We believe he was taken from us far too young by this devastating disease that kills one man in the UK every 45 minutes.  Don’t let your loved ones become a statistic.
  1. Support Breakthrough Research: With your support, we can help fund research that will eventually lead to a national screening programme and ultimately find a cure for prostate cancer.  Every contribution brings us a step closer to this goal.

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Thank you for considering this lasting and meaningful way to support The Bob Willis Fund.

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